We have no contact details for any of these people.

If you can help us please use the form below. OR contact them yourself and tell them about the upcoming reunion.

Adrian Ellero
Barry Lang
Chris Rabbidge
Chris Till
Chris Walker
Colin Brown
Danny Cvetkovic
Danny Thomas
David Laird
Enrico Bongiorno
Geoff O’Grady
Gerald Williams
Graham Hehir
Greg McNamara
Greg Roberts
John Galvin
Kevin Connolly
Kevin Haddrick

Kevin Sainty
Kim Freeman
Mark Fitzsimmons
Mark Halstead
Martin Hutchinson
Nick Daly
Noel Murphy
Peter Contini
Phillip Hall
Robert Verhey
Shawn Richards
Steve Fisher
Steven Callan
Steven O’Brien
Tim Murphy
Tony Hingston
Tony Seymour
Wayne Rossell